Accellera at the 55th Design Automation Conference

DACAccellera Breakfast at DAC with Leadership Award and Technical Panel

Tuesday, June 26th
7:00-9:00 am
Moscone West, Room 3003

Accellera has been bustling this year with a lot of activity in current and emerging standards, and we have some exciting updates for you at DAC with Portable Stimulus nearing its 1.0 standard, the SystemC CCI Working Group just releasing its 1.0 standard, and the IP Security Assurance Proposed Working Group discussing standards development to address security of IP. We’ll have a panel with leaders from each of these groups presenting updates on their developments and activities, followed by questions from the attendees.

We invite you to join in the discussion following an update by Accellera Chair Lu Dai and the presentation of the Accellera Leadership Award. The Award is given to an individual who has provided active leadership and contributed significantly in the vision of EDA and IP standards development activities and the governance of Accellera Systems Initiative (and/or its precedent organizations).

The Accellera-sponsored breakfast is free to DAC attendees but registration is required.

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A DAC IP Track Panel: Portable Stimulus Design & Verification (R)Evolution

Wednesday, June 27
Moscone Convention Center, Room 2008

The Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus Standard is the next inflection point in the IP verification and system-level validation productivity. Continuing the evolution of verification standards from SystemVerilog to UVM and now Portable Stimulus, verification engineers can now apply the proven techniques of constrained randomization and abstraction at the scenario level. The panel will explore the impact that the new Portable Test and Stimulus Standard will have on both design and verification IP, and the overall verification ecosystem.

Registration with the Design Automation Conference is required to attend this panel. Find out more about this panel.

IP Security Assurance Proposed Working Group Meeting at DAC

Wednesday, June 27
Moscone West, Room 3005

Earlier this year the Accellera Board of Directors approved the formation of a Proposed Working Group (PWG) to investigate the need for an IP Security Assurance Specification. The kick-off meeting of the IP Security Assurance PWG was held in April with more than 50 participants. The PWG is open to all interested parties for a period of six months after its inception. For more information about the PWG, visit here. This meeting is open to all interested parties.

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