UVM-MS Working Group


The UVM-MS Working Group will focus on the standardization of analog/mixed-signal extensions (AMS) for the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard. A UVM-MS standard will provide a unified approach which allows UVM to be more mixed-signal aware, resulting in the improved verification of analog/mixed-signal components and sub-systems.

Chair: Tom Fitzpatrick, Siemens DISW
Vice-Chair: Tim Pylant, Cadence


The objective of the UVM-MS Working Group is to standardize a method for driving and monitoring mixed-signal nets within UVM including stimulus, score-boarding and analysis. The working group will also define a framework for creation of mixed-signal verification components by extending existing digital-centric verification IP. For more information read the press release.


There have been many discussions in recent years about the need to make UVM more mixed-signal aware. Various proposals have been presented at recent DVCon events addressing the need for AMS extensions for UVM to enrich and improve the verification of analog/mixed-signal products and applications. Most of these proposals offer similar capabilities but often use a different implementation to resolve existing constraints enforced by UVM or by limitations caused by mixing languages such as SystemVerilog and Verilog-AMS. 

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