Federated Simulation Standard Working Group


The charter of the Federated Simulation Standard Working Group is to establish cross-industry collaboration to improve the interoperability of product and environment simulation, models and components using existing and new open standards.

Chair: Martin Barnasconi, NXP
Vice Chair: Mark Burton, Qualcomm


The intent of the Federated Simulation Standard (FSS) is to develop a standard and open infrastructure to enable interoperability of established modeling and simulation standards, technologies and tools as part of a distributed, orchestrated simulation ecosystem. A standardized interface will enable interoperability of modeling and simulation throughout the product lifecycle.


There are many different simulation approaches and standards from multiple industries such as avionics, space, semiconductor, automotive, and mechatronics. The goal is to leverage and connect existing industry standards and formats to facilitate modeling, integration, and simulation of complex systems and systems-of-systems. The need for a federated simulation ecosystem is not new; various standards and technologies have been developed in the last few decades to address it. However, many of these solutions have an industry or application specific focus and do not necessarily address interoperability across industrial segments. This cross-industry aspect is increasingly important because of the diverse companies in a supply chain that are sharing and integrating more diverse models, simulators and components. In turn, this drives the need for interoperability and the development of a standardized and open infrastructure.

The FSS WG was started as a Proposed Working Group in August 2023. The Accellera Board of Directors approved it as an official Working Group in June 2024.

Join this Working Group

If you are an employee of an Accellera member company and wish to participate in the Federated Simulation Standard WG, please log in or create an account in the Accellera Workspace. Once you are logged in to the Workspace, select "View Workgroups", select Federated Simulation Standard Working Group, and click the Join button.


Introduction to the Federated Simulation Standard - July 2023